Kokowagayo (Gayo Women Coffee Cooperative) is the first all - women cooperative in the coffee industry in Sumatra. Established in 2014, it is located in the Gayo Mountain region in the Aceh Province, Sumatra.

The role of women in coffee production has always been very important; they are involved in each step, from farm maintenance to processing coffee for export. Having acquired this expertise a few women associated with Koperasi Permata Gayo created a “women only” cooperative of coffee farmers.The goals of their cooperative are to increase the income and quality of life for women farmers and their families through agriculture and the coffee trade, and to improve their financial management skills. Each member of the women’s cooperative is the acknowledged manager of her family’s coffee farm..

Tasting profile: Sweet, milk chocolate, jasmine and blackberry with earthy, hoppy and guava notes, delicate acidity, and round, chewy body.



Koperasi Kopi Wanita Gayo


Varietals Grown:

  • 40% Catimor
  • 30% Other
  • 25% Bourbon
  • 5% Other

Social Premium Investment: 2022 Crop Year Fair Trade Certification guarantees 20 cents/lb of the price paid a producer organization is set aside as a social premium. How this money is invested is a decision taken collectively by the general assembly of members at the end of each harvest. Below is a break down of how producers in this organization chose to spend their fair trade premium.

Improve Yields Environtmental plans, increase production and quality. Increase coffee productions ( organic fertilizer equipment, coffee prunning, management pest and deases, rejuvenation of old coffee and shade trees) Coffee quality improvement ( Cupping training, quality control, research and labolatory equipment, Rehabilitation addition and improvement of coffee processing, standardization of facilities coffee processing and standard training for certification) Environmental plan ( Coservation soil, water
Operations The realization of the sustainability of the corporative as producer and exporter. legal, ceritification, promotion and exhibition. Improvement of management and performance of employee. Employee salary and wages, office stationary, operations, vehicle maintanance and office rent, meetings, Support for board and supervisor, training HR manager, supervisor, board and staff
Community Development welfare of the members, social farms, members skills, education and training, members health, youth council and softskill development (arts, sport, culture and local events)
Other Developing the supporting facilities of cooperative. Procurement of assets, health assurance, tax, loose, unexpected expenses.