Homacho Waeno

Homacho Waeno is a member of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, situated in the Aleta Wondo district, near the border between Sidama and Yirgachefe. Farmer members deliver their freshly harvested coffee cherries to one of the four washing stations managed by the cooperative in the following woredas: Bowadino, Harangicho, Homacho Waeno, and Homacho Chawa..

Homacho is considered a model organization within SCFCU. During the 2019/2020 harvest, Homacho Waeno was the only cooperative in Sidama Union that showed an increase in production compared to the previous year, surpassing Fero to become the largest volume exporting cooperative in SCFCU. The cooperative's leadership attributes this success to the continuous training and development of its members. For the past decade, the cooperative has placed a strong emphasis on composting and fertilization, conducting regular workshops to educate its members. Because of this training, members are seeing the importance of planting new trees and composting, resulting in increased production.

Cooperatives in Sidama, including Homacho Waeno, designate “model farmers,” identified for their involvement in the organization and good production levels. These model farmers initially participate in workshops covering various subjects, including composting, pruning, selective harvesting, and more. Subsequently, each model farmer takes the responsibility of replicating these workshops in their own communities. Homacho Waeno has 200 model farmers, who have collectively trained over 3,000 members in composting practices. The cooperative also prepares compost using cherry pulp at each of its four washing stations.

Cooperative Coffees has been working with Homacho Waeno since 2015.

Tasting profile: Citric, juicy acidity, hibiscus, grapefruit and dark chocolate notes, with a rich molasses sweetness.

Updated 2020-03-30

Homacho Waeno


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