Sol & Cafe

Located in the province of Jaen, in the rural department of Cajamarca, Peru, Sol & Cafe was founded in 2005 with support from Caritas Jaen, a Catholic social service and humanitarian organization, member of the Caritas Internationalis. This cooperative moved quickly to acquire the necessary organic and fair trade certificates in order to sell directly into North American and European coffee markets. Its initial 27 producer base groups have grown to more than 60 producer associations, bringing together some 1,000 farmer families. Sol & Cafe continues to share an office space in the Caritas complex in Jaen, where it maintains a warehouse and quality control lab.

Sol & Cafe has followed a steady growth plan, with clear and strictly applied membership criteria. Members are expected to actively participate in the development of their cooperative and to contribute to its growth, by bringing in at least 51% of their estimated harvest. Producers who wish to join, first need the visto bueno of existing members within their community. Or, if the applicant comes from a community not yet associated to Sol & Cafe, he or she will be visited by the president of the board, to assure that the candidate comes with the intentions of becoming a contributing cooperative member and dedicated to producing high-quality, organic coffee.

Sol & Cafe”s growth plan is working, with export levels around 80% of the total collective harvest, and members showing regularly as top finishers in quality competitions held nationally and abroad. In addition to award winning quality, Sol & Cafe manages a sophisticated system of quality triage, helping their technical team hone in on farmers who need more assistance in growing and processing. The organization has developed impressive digital systems to manage traceability, from farmer delivery at warehouse to container, which has facilitated an integrated system of quality incentives, where higher qualities and yields render higher prices to farmers.

Also, this coop has demonstrated an incredible capacity for innovation, regeneration and the implementation of clear and specific strategies for climate resiliency and adaptation by promoting field renovation and systematic pruning practices that have resulted in maintaining extraordinary vitality in their trees and greater climate resiliency in their fields.

Since partnering with Sol & Cafe in 2012, they have quickly become a solid and integral member of the Coop Coffees’ producer network, with excellent communication, coffee quality and services to members.

Tasting profile: Brown sugar, plum, mixed berry, carob and nougat with a medium body and juicy acidity.

Cooperativa de Servicios Multiples Sol y Cafe Ltda.


Varietals Grown:

  • 61.5% Catimor
  • 9% Caturra
  • 6.5% Bourbon
  • 6.5% Typica
  • 4.5% Catuai
  • 4% Pache
  • 3% Colombia
  • 3% Geisha / Gesha
  • 2% Marsellesa

Social Premium Investment: 2022 Crop Year Fair Trade Certification guarantees 20 cents/lb of the price paid a producer organization is set aside as a social premium. How this money is invested is a decision taken collectively by the general assembly of members at the end of each harvest. Below is a break down of how producers in this organization chose to spend their fair trade premium.

Improve Yields Supporting technical assistance and other productivity initiatives
Operations Supporting operations
Diversification DIversification
Community Development Community development

Recent Projects We Supported:

6/30/22Cool Farm Tool Pilot ProjectCompleted
6/10/22Soil Sampling with AgriCircleCompleted