Telamo Cooperative

The Telamo cooperative is located in the Shebedino woreda (district) of the Sidama region. The organization is the second largest cooperative in Sidama Union with over 4000 members spanning 6 kebeles (villages) in the district, and 29 staff members working to deliver a highquality coffee. The cooperative operates four washing stations in the district as well as one "drying station" for natural coffees where, during harvest, they employ over 500 temporary workers.

Telamo joined SCFCU because they were impressed my the Union's open-book approach. Through the Union, they have been able to access international markets through a transparent organization. In addition, Telamo has received financial and technical support to improve farming and technical processes.

Cooperative Coffees began sourcing natural coffee from Telamo in 2014 because of the quality profile of the coffee and the productive capacity of the organization to produce this kind of coffee consistently.

Tasting Profile: Mild acidity, mixed berries, vanilla, tropical fruit and cream with a sweet medium body and dark chocolate finish. 

Telamo Cooperative


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